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Tiếng Anh - Lớp 12

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Topic 1:

Dear Tim

I feel so exited each time I write to you and tell you everything in my daily life. In this letter, I want to share my birthday party which was held last weedkend.

I organized a big party in my flower garden. There were about 30 people coming to my party including my friends, my relatives and some neighbors. The garden was beautifully decorated with balloons and ribbons.

During the party, we play some fun games everybody looked very funny and cute. We danced to the music and sang excitedly together. At the end of the party, all of us took lots of photos to keep those sweet moments. That was the most wonderful party I’ve had in my life.

I hope that next birthday you and I could enjoy my party together

Write to me soon!

Best wishes


Topic 2:

Dear Sam

We finally moved house last month and now life has changed.

Everything is a difference. My house is in Lam Dong province. It is a two-story building with 4 bedrooms. There is a small garden with rose, a variety of vegetables, like cabbage, chili, ginger, garlic, and some plants, like an orange tree, an apple tree.

It is a quiet and peaceful countriside. I can hear the birds singing and feel the fresh air, which I couldn’t have when I lived in my old flat. However, there are not markets, shops and school nearby.

I haven’t met many neighbors here but the people living next door are friendly and helpful.

We are happy here, please come around and see us someday. You are always welcome.